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I have a passion for technology; it is something I like to be around and work with on a daily basis. I am fortunate enough to enjoy creating digital content just as much as I enjoy consuming it.

Possessing an INTJ (The Architect) personality type, I like to keep a plan for everything and tackle work with a logical, organised and structured approach whilst never disregarding the importance of being flexible. I always try my best to give my all to each task that I become involved with.

I am a very goal orientated person. Over an eighteen month period, I lost almost half of my body mass. Dropping 130 lbs / 9.3 st / 59 kg has enabled me to improve both my health and my confidence and, as corny as it sounds, has also allowed me to 'find myself'. With A level results of A*A*A*A*, I hope to inspire others with my success.

If you'd like to know more or want to ask a question, feel free to get in touch!

A Level Study Resources

I offer a definitive collection of study and revision materials ranging from past papers and marking schemes to textbooks, question banks and more. These materials were developed alongside my own Year 12/13 studies and were of utmost importance in facilitating high levels of achievement.

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Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Standing as the most popular resource on offer, my mathematics resources have received more than 175,000 views and have helped countless students throughout the UK and British Overseas Territories succeed in their studies. Practising past examination papers and understanding the content is vital.

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These resources focus on honing your examination skills. It should be respected that the coursework projects for ICT are very accessible, and it is the ICT examinations which truly make or break your grade. For this reason, it is crucial that a student can deliver accurate answers each time. The materials on offer should help you to achieve this.

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This is a solid subject to study which develops a range of quantitaive and qualitative analysis/evaluation skills. The resources made available to you here will aid you in structuring your revision. It is hoped that through the adoption of a concrete and methodical approach that you will be able to achieve an even coverage of the syllabus, enabling you to be well prepared for the examinations.

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These resources include a range of old specification past examination papers and marking schemes, along with offical WJEC publications for this qualification. Due to the early age of the current specification, it is advisable to select questions that are relevant from previous exam series and use them alongside the supplied specification document to practice each element. I didn't study physics myself, this one was just made to help out friends who did.

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